An unpretentious designer

Peter Steinbrück ,qualified by the Purple Club as one of the best fur couturiers of the world, loves his profession. In second generation he has successfully been leading the family company in Hamburg for 35 years and his son is studying design in Berlin to join the business in the near future. Peter Steinbrück´s dedication to provide an excellent service is appreciated by his customers. Because of his expertise they want to be attended by Mr. Steinbrück personally and for good reason, as he explains in detail where the material comes from and how it is further developed. Peter Steinbrück creates trends and new manufacturing techniques and travels throughout the world to be inspired for new colors and designs.

He is very proud of his team working in the factory. Due to the fact that each piece is manufactured in his dreams will be fulfilled. This makes Steinbrück so special and inimitable. When you talk to Peter Steinbrück, you can feel his passion for fur. Every year he visits the fur auctions in Canada, North America, Russia and Scandinavia. With his great know how and experience Peter Steinbrück selects only the best quality. The customer learns every detail of the development of his furcoat, starting from the auction and ending at the factory. With this interesting and very personal information he happily leaves the store with a breeze of fur on his shoulders.

Factory Photo